Multi-Objective Cross-Layer Optimization for Selection of Cooperative Path Pairs in Multihop Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Published online: Sep 23, 2013 Full Text: PDF (1.76 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v9i3.146
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Nyoman Gunantara, Gamantyo Hendrantoro


This paper focuses in the selection of an optimal path pair for cooperative diversity based on cross-layer optimization in multihop wireless ad hoc networks. Cross-layer performance indicators, including power consumption, signal-to-noise ratio, and load variance are optimized using multi-objective optimization (MOO) with Pareto method. Consequently, optimization can be performed simultaneously to obtain a compromise among three resources over all possible path pairs. The Pareto method is further compared to the scalarization method in achieving fairness to each resource. We examine the statistics of power consumption, SNR, and load variance for both methods through simulations. In addition, the complexity of the optimization of both methods is evaluated based on the required computing time.


multi-objective optimization, Pareto method, scalarization method, selection of the path pair, multihop wireless ad hoc networks
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