An Improved Algorithm for Indirect Time domain Analysis of Thin Wire Structures

Published online: Mar 22, 2012 Full Text: PDF (574 KiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v8i1.172
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Siniša Antonijević, Vicko Dorić, Dragan Poljak


The algorithm for an indirect time domain (TD) analysis using arbitrary frequency domain method is presented. In previous work, an optimized version of the indirect timedomain method based on adaptive sampling iterative algorithm used in combination with inverse Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) was presented. In this paper, the algorithm is further improved by circumventing the use of inverse FFT altogether, and using the simple formula based on the analytical inverse Fourier transform. The proposed approach is simpler and more convenient for use with the underlying iterative optimization method, as only a part of the frequency domain (FD) signal has to be transformed to the time domain during each iteration procedure, the frequency domain discretisation does not have to be uniform, and the time domain discretisation does not have to be performed. These advantages can also lead to the reduced computational time cost of the frequency to time domain transformation when compared with the standard inverse FFT.


time domain analysis, optimization, adaptive sampling, inverse Fast Fourier Transform, analytical Fourier transform
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