Efficient and Secure Multicast in WirelessMAN: A Cross-layer Design

Published online: Sep 22, 2007 Full Text: PDF (616 KiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v3i3.254
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Chin-Tser Huang, Manton Matthews, Matthew Ginley, Xinliang Zheng, Chuming Chen, J. Morris Chang


Effectively adding security measures to a multicast service is an intriguing problem, especially when the service is deployed in a wireless setting. Next generation IEEE 802.16 standard WirelessMAN networks are a perfect example of this problem, and the latest draft specification of the standard includes a secure protocol solution called Multicast and Broadcast Rekeying Algorithm (MBRA). In this paper, we expose the security problems of MBRA, including non-scalability and omission of backward and forward secrecy, and propose new approaches, ELAPSE and ELAPSE+, to address these problems. In particular, ELAPSE+ makes use of membership and mobility information gathered in the application layer to augment the adaptive group management in the MAC layer. We analyze the security property of ELAPSE and ELAPSE+, and compare their performances with MBRA by simulating group rekeying scenarios.


802.16 WirelessMAN, Multicast, Privacy and Key Management (PKM) Protocol, Multicast and Broadcast Rekeying Algorithm (MBRA), Efficient sub-Linear rekeying Algorithm with Perfect Secrecy (ELAPSE), ELAPSE+
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