Secure Mobile IPv6 for Mobile Networks based on the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem

Published online: Jun 21, 2007 Full Text: PDF (1.32 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v3i2.257
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Domenico Celentano, Antonio Fresa, Maurizio Longo, Fabio Postiglione, Anton Luca Robustelli


The rapid spread of new radio access technologies and the consequent service opportunities have stimulated the technical and scientific community to investigate future evolution scenarios for 3rd Generation networks (3G), generically referred to as Beyond-3G or 4G. They are going to be characterized by ever stronger requirements for security, as well as the capability for the final users to experience continuous connectivity and uninterrupted services of IP applications as they move about from one access network to another. Key issues are: i) security provision for applications exchanging data in diverse wireless networks; ii) seamless mobility (handoff) between different coverage domains and, in case, access technologies. Since many proposals are based on the use of the Mobile IPv6 protocol, in this paper we analyze the security threats emerging from some Mobile IPv6 mechanisms for mobility management, and we propose a solution against such threats, under the assumption that both end users (mobile or not) are attached to a Mobile IPv6-enabled 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem network.


IP Multimedia Subsystem, Mobility management, Mobile IP version 6, Security, Inner Attacks
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