Method for Minimizing Total Generalized Squared Correlation of Synchronous DS-CDMA Signature Sequence Sets in Multipath Channels

Published online: Apr 6, 2017 Full Text: PDF (660 KiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v2i1.302
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Paul Cotae, Matt Aguirre


We characterize the Total Generalized Squared Correlation (TGSC) for a given signature sequence set used in uplink synchronous code division multiple access (S-CDMA) when channel state information is known perfectly at both transmitter and receiver. We give a definition of the TGSC based on the eigenvalues of Gram matrix associated to signature sequences set for multipath channels in the presence of the colored noise. Total Squared Correlation (TSC) and Total Weighted Squared Correlation (TWSC) measures are particular cases of TGSC. We present a method for minimizing TGSC (TSC, TWSC) in multipath channels and in the presence of the colored noise. Numerical results for overloaded synchronous CDMA systems are presented in order to support our analysis.


total squared correlation (TSC), total weighted square correlation (TWSC), Welch Bound Equality (WBE) sequences, CDMA codeword optimization and Gram matrix
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