Adaptive Turbo-Coded Hybrid-ARQ in OFDM Systems over Gaussian and Fading Channels

Published online: Apr 6, 2017 Full Text: PDF (12.17 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v2i1.300
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Kingsley Oteng-Amoako, Saeid Nooshabadi


In this paper, an analytical approach for spectral efficiency maximization of coded wideband transmissions is presented based on OFDM. The approach exploits Type-III Hybrid-ARQ, enabling all sub-carriers to be employed in codeword transmission regardless of the sub-carrier conditions. The effects of imperfect sub-channel estimation are characterized and compensated for during code rate and signal constellation optimization. The results of the paper highlight that by independently adapting the code rate and signal constellation to individual OFDM sub-carriers based on an estimated sub-carrier CSI, the overall spectral efficiency of the system is maximized.


Hybrid-ARQ, AMC, adaptive, fading, diversity combining and turbo codes
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