Doppler Frequency Estimation for a Maneuvering Target Being Tracked by Passive Radar Using Particle Filter

Published online: Oct 8, 2020 Full Text: PDF (1.28 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v16i4.1097
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Anas M. Almanofi, Adnan Malki, Ali Kazem


In this paper, we estimate Doppler frequency of a maneuvering target being tracked by passive radar using two types of particle filter, the first is “Maximum Likelihood Particle Filter” (MLPF) and the second is “Minimum Variance Particle filter” (MVPF). By simulating the passive radar system that has the bistatic geometry “Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) transmitter / receiver” with these two types, we can estimate the Doppler frequency of the maneuvering target and compare the simulation results for deciding which type gives better performance.


Passive Radar; Doppler Frequency, Maneuvering Target, Maximum Likelihood Particle Filter, Minimum Variance Particle Filter
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