Performance of the Product of Three Nakagami-m Random Variables

Published online: Jun 10, 2020 Full Text: PDF (1.42 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v16i2.989
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Dragana Krstic, Petar Nikolic, Ivan Vulic, Sinisa Minic, Mihajlo Stefanovic


An output signal from a multi-section wireless relay communication system is equal to the product of the signal envelopes from individual sections. In this paper, a three-sections relay system is considered in the presence of Nakagami-m fading at each section. First, random variable (RV) is formed as the product of three Nakagami-m RVs. For such product, the moments are determined in the closed forms. The first moment is the mean of the signal; the second moment is the average power of the signal, and the third moment is skewness. Then, the Amount of Fading (AoF) is calculated. AoF is a measure of the severity effect of fading in a particular channel model. Besides, all system performance are shown graphically and the parameters influence has been analyzed and discussed.


Amount of Fading, Moments, Nakagami-m distribution, Random Variables
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