Electronic Interface for Lidar System and Smart Cities Applications

Published online: Apr 12, 2019 Full Text: PDF (1.40 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v15i2.692
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Leonardo Pantoli, Gianluca Barile, Alfiero Leoni, Mirco Muttillo, Vincenzo Stornelli


This work deals with the design of a new readout electronics for silicon photomultipliers sensors. The so-called SiPMs sensors are an emerging technology currently diffusing in many applications and, among them, in the definition of a new generation of LIDAR systems. The latter, nowadays have a primary role in the evolution process that is involving Smart Cities, being an enabling technology in different fields. The solution here proposed is realized at electronic level with a 150 nm technology process from LFoundry and results provide a feasible demonstration of the capability of the proposed design approach to be employed in practical application.


Sensor interface, Lidar, sensors system, SiPM
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