A Smart IoT-Aware System For Crisis Scenario Management

Published online: Apr 12, 2018 Full Text: PDF (1.71 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v14i1.533
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Marina Mongiello, Francesco Nocera, Angelo Parchitelli, Luigi Patrono, Piercosimo Rametta, Luca Riccardi, Ilaria Sergi


In most dangerous events, involving many people in large buildings, rescue workers need to intervene in a timely and targeted manner in order to help most number of people and secure the environments without wasting resources. This work presents an Internet of Things(IoT)-based framework, aiming at monitoring environmental parameters in order to alert rescuers when they exceed some alarm thresholds. A hardware infrastructure driven by a software layer adds flexibility and adaptability to the Complex Event Processing engine and to a rule engine-based reflective middleware that manages and analyzes raw data in conjunction with a knowledge base modeling the application domain.


Internet of Things, IoT, Sensors, Fire Alert, Safety, Complex Event Processing, Reflective Middleware
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