Effect of Pseudo Random Noise (PRN) Spreading Sequence Generation of 3GPP Users’ Codes on GPS Operation in Mobile Handset

Published online: Dec 21, 2016 Full Text: PDF (1.33 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v12i4.76
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Taher Al Sharabati


In this paper, the effects of intersystem cross correlation of 3GPP user’ codes to GPS satellites’ codes will be demonstrated. The investigation and analysis are in the form of cross correlation between 3GPP users’ codes and GPS satellites Pseudo Random Noise (PRN) sequences. The investigation and analysis will involve the similarities in generation and system architecture of both the 3GPP user’ codes and GPS satellites’ codes. The extent of intersystem interference will be displayed in the form of results for cross correlation, correlation coefficient, and signal to noise ratio. Recommendations will be made based on the results.


Gold Codes, 3GPP users‘ codes, GPS, interference, PRN sequences
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