Radiating Slot in the Coaxial Cable Shield: Measurement Based Characterization

Published online: Sep 23, 2015 Full Text: PDF (1.94 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v11i3.102
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Antonio Šarolić, Zlatko Živković, Damir Senić, Niko Ištuk


The paper presents the comprehensive experimental study of radiation characteristics of a single slot in a coaxial cable shield. The slot was realized in four different embodiments, which varied by slot orientation and length. Three orthogonal polarizations of radiated electric field were analyzed along the axis perpendicular to cable, broadside to the slot, in a broadband frequency range (80-1000 MHz). The analysis was based on thorough measurements of the coupling loss, which is the common parameter for the leaky cable characterization. The obtained results showed that the electric field component longitudinal to the cable axis considerably dominates over other two orthogonal components, for all four slot types. Doubling the length of the slot caused a ca. 20 dB increase of the radiated field. Different slot orientations, having the same length in the cross-section projection, yielded approximately equal field strengths. The results of this experimental study clearly and visibly demonstrate the radiating slot field dependence on polarization and slot geometry in a wide frequency range. Thus they are useful for planning of wireless communication systems based on radiating cables, as well as for understanding polarization related issues in such systems.


leaky radiating coaxial cable shield, slot length and orientation, coupling loss measurements, polarization
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