Efficient Web Navigator for Multi-Constrained Spatial Keyword Queries

Published online: Jun 23, 2015 Full Text: PDF (1.17 MiB) DOI: 10.24138/jcomss.v11i2.104
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K.B. P. Iyer


The mobile technology revolutionizes the world of communications opening up new possibilities for applications such as location based web search. It involves retrieving the user point of interest (POI) from the web documents based on the query relative to a particular place or region. Existing Location based Applications on mobiles finds the nearest neighbors from the POI database not from the web documents. The existing query searches are limited to POI and do not include data objects brands like Model name, color and price etc. This paper introduces a Spatial Web Crawler (SWC) for multi-constrained keyword queries. New algorithms were developed which provides desired data objects from the web pages basing on the working hours of data objects, keywords and priority such as cost, quality and popularity of data objects etc. The SWC also provides the shortest path to reach point of interest based on travel time.


Location based Web Search, multi-constrained keyword queries, Content based Mining, GIS, Location based services, GPS
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