Investment of Cyclic Prefix to Reduce the Peak-to-Average Power Ratio and Recover Original Phases Blindly

Published online: Nov 24, 2022 Full Text: PDF (2.39 MiB) DOI:
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Mohammed I. Al-Rayif


When dealing with the phenomenon of unexpected high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) caused by multicarrer techniques, it is rarely to find a proposed solution that addresses the most important challenges together, that are; reducing the PAPR, achieving performance identical, mostly, to the theoretical curve and a reasonable level of computational complexity. This paper presents a new proposal that is able to achieve these three criteria together as the following. First, reducing the PAPR curves through easy development in the selective mapping (SLM) structure. Second, identifying the original transmitted phase block by taking advantage of the cyclic prefix structure and its mechanism, without any explicit side information, while maintaining the system performance. Lastly, these achievements were obtained at low computational complexity comparing to the traditional methods of SLM PAPR reduction schemes. This proposed method is referred to as; Injected and Extracted Short-SLM to and from the Cyclic Prefix (IES-SLM-CP). The appropriate short phase sub-block is injected to a specific locations of CP, and at the receiver side, this sub-block can be extracted from the CP to reconstruct the whole original phase block.


Cyclic Prefix, Selective mapping, Peak-to-Average Power Ratio, Non-Linear High-Power Amplifier
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