N-gram Based Croatian Language Network: Application in a Smart Environment

Published online: Feb 24, 2022 Full Text: PDF (836 KiB) DOI: https://doi.org/10.24138/jcomss-2021-0178
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Renato Soic, Marin Vukovic


In the field of natural language processing, language networks represent a method for observing linguistic units and their interactions in different linguistic contexts. This paper uses the previously presented Croatian language network for building a solution capable of generating spoken notifications in Croatian language. The novelty of this paper is that it proposes an approach for generating spoken notifications in smart environments by combining specialized services that enable interaction with the environment and human users. The process employed for generating spoken notifications is described in detail. Also, a novel contribution of this paper is the case-study evaluation of the proposed approach in a smart home environment.


N-grams, Language network, Natural language processing, smart environment
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